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Johannie Sirois Paquette

After earning her degree in Interior Design from the Academy of Art and Design in Montreal, Johannie embarked on a career in the manufacturing sector, where she spent nearly a decade mastering the intricacies of the field. Her hands-on experience provided her with invaluable insights into the manufacturing processes, materials, and technologies essential to the world of interior design.

Johannie reached a significant milestone in her career by joining Formica Corporation, a recognized leader in the field of surface materials. As an Architecture and Design Specialist at Formica Canada, Johannie collaborates with architects, designers, and manufacturers, offering her expertise in the selection and implementation of innovative and sustainable surface solutions; thus demonstrating her competence in the industry, as well as her commitment to enhancing spaces through thoughtful and creative design choices.

Solid Surface - Specifying Solid Surface Coverings.

From bathroom and kitchen countertops to high-traffic areas in retail environments or wet areas in healthcare, solid surface is a functional, stylish, and durable material.

There are several objectives in this course to familiarize you with solid surface materials, including:

  1. Understanding how solid surface is manufactured and installed.

  2. Discovering the unique features and benefits of solid surface.

  3. Examining the applications of solid surface in a variety of market segments.

  4. Providing answers to common questions associated with selecting and specifying solid surface.


AIA Course Number: ESSMaterial21

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