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Marc Andre Hetu.jpg

Marc-André Hêtu

Regional sales director

Mélanie Turbide

 Regional Sales Representative

Mélanie Turbide.JPG

Design Chronicles: Renovation and Modernization

Hettich Canada is pleased to introduce its latest project, the Inspiration series, which focuses on a 19th-century Victorian home renovated using exclusively European hardware. Marc-André Hétu, Regional Sales Director, and Mélanie Turbide, Regional Sales Representative, provide viewers with a detailed overview of the mechanics and unique features of each hardware piece, as well as the ways they have been incorporated into a wide range of applications. Johanne and Patrick, homeowners, share their renovation journey, explaining the rationale behind each design choice. The aim of this presentation is to inspire you as you approach your next project and to give you insight into the unique and innovative ways European hardware can be integrated into various applications in your clients' homes.

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