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Jean-Francois Bertrand

Technical Sales Representative - Husky Plywood

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of decorative plywood, Jean-François Bertrand has held various positions ranging from production supervisor to director of continuous improvement. He is currently a Technical Sales Representative at Husky Plywood. 

Involved at all levels, from production to sales, Jean-François is an expert in veneer and decorative panels. He is able to popularize the concepts relating the use of panels with wood veneers. 

Wood, a noble choice

A true heritage of Quebec and Canada wood is the only material made from renewable and sustainably managed resources: trees. The many environmental characteristics of wood make it a major ally in the fight against climate change. During this presentation, you will learn more about the cological side of the wood veneers and panels available at Husky Plywood. We'll show you why your next project should feature the noblest material there is, wood. 

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